Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh man! The Frog is here! (Again!)

Can you see it? Look a little closer. Yep! I was just stitching along, watching the Olympics when the frog snuck into the room. Did you find it yet? On "The Library" I forgot to stitch the doorknob thingy. Of course I was disgusted! Had to put the piece down before I crazily started ripping away. I will rip-it and re-stitch today while watching NASCAR and the Olympics. Meanwhile, today has been so lovely that I've had the doors open to air the place out. Hopefully the frog hopped outta here too.


  1. The froggies visited me off and on all weekend. I hope you were able to do some frog-less stitching today.

  2. You let your little frog out and he jumped right into my house! My 'Flake' hat would just not line up no matter what I did. GRRR So I covered up a little bare spot with a french knot. Works like a charm! Go away froggy...

  3. My condolences on the frogs visit. I do hope he goes back to hibernation. Please don't send him my way. :)


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