Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sad But True....

Every time I went into the garage I would hear whimpering and sniffling. I knew what it was but had to ignore it. My heart was breaking! How long would this go on? Am I really that cold hearted? Well...

I recently bought a beautiful little hutch from a friend who's wife died last year. It's very sad, but I did not know this woman. I see her husband still mourning his loss. One day he mentioned the hutch and asked if I was interested. Was I ever!! It wasn't exactly what I had been looking for but it's so lovely I had to buy it.

Now, a few of you may know that I "used" to collect teddy bears. I guess, in reality, I still do. I just haven't invested in any bears for years. In fact, since moving to Oregon and marrying DH, very few of my bears have been visible.
Well, that's about to change!!! No, no, I'm not un-marrying DH. And I'm not leaving Oregon (yet).

This where my new hutch comes in. I cleaned and polished to my heart's delight. Then I went to the garage, brought out a ladder, and box by box brought all of my bears into the house. No more whimpering and sniffling! Only tears of joy and laughter! What a glorious reunion it was!! So many bear hugs! For one day I had the party of a lifetime. It was very difficult to choose. I think I chose well. Now my bears can watch me work at my desk/computer and we can chat whenever we like. Soooo, ladies and gentlemen, please meet the bears... TOP SHELF

Now the sad and unfortunate part of this story is that I had to place four 3sq.ft. boxes of bears back into storage that night. We talked at length about all the fussing they were making every time I entered the garage. An agreemant has been made that I will bring them all out for an annual party. Sounds like fun to me!


  1. Absolutely wonderful! My crew was wondering where all the cheers were coming from. I had to tell them Oregon. Now I've been to Oregon twice and I love it! But the bears have never been. I have to tell them that it is very, very far from our house. Of course that doesn't matter to them. They heard all the fun going on over there and they figured there must be food involved. Oh well. I think a major distraction is in order for now. Until the next party - here or there, I welcome your bears back into the light and compliment you on your good choice of a living space for them. I am certain they will be very happy there. (Please be watchful - my bears have been known to sneak out and smuggle their friends in for tea and cookies. The crumbs will be tell-tale signs.)

    bear hugs,

  2. many teddy looks nice ...

  3. What a wonderful hutch. Look at all those bears. Hope that some day soon all your bears will be able to be out and displayed

  4. Woah! What an insane amount of teddies! They look great in that hutch.


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