Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Hoppy!

Blessed Resurrection Sunday to those who believe.

Happy Easter to everyone! Isn't this tree fabulous? It's in Germany and the couple have been decorating it like this every Easter for decades.

I've read some amazing blogs this morning. Some people have this wonderful talent with words. Others are so crafty (and I don't mean in the sneaky way!). Not I! It's another of those things I aspire to. Yet, I sit here at this computer too many hours each day, absorbing others creations. I think it's high time I made some effort. I seem to be stuck again, fixated on one project at a time. I want to finish LHN's The Library! This is such a lovely piece but it's got so many large boring solid stitching parts. I'm yearning to work on something else but my OCD reigns. I have several other large pieces started and they haunt me. Arrrgh! Soooo, anyways, here's my latest update photo of The Library.


  1. Oh wow, that Easter tree is amazing! They have a lot more patience than I have!

    Happy Easter, Barb!

  2. ...and I think un-decorating the Christmas tree is something! Your Library is so lovely - just think how soon it will be finished.

  3. It's beautiful Barb and you'll get there. :)
    Happy Holiday!

  4. Boy that tree is wonderful. I have eggs on a tree in our yard, but nothing as wonderful as that... WOW! Something to aspire too :)

    Your library will be done before you know it! I think it is gorgeous :)

  5. Your LHN Library is coming along nicely!!! That Easter egg tree is unbelievable! WOW!!! Thanks for sharing it!

  6. I just feel the same about creative blogs. I love teading them and they share so many creative ideas that I kep in my "creative book" but I rarely ever get to these finishings myself. Sigh ...
    Library looks so great already.

  7. That Easter tree is more than amazing!!! I love your 'the library'
    I'll start mine when I get back from holidays


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