Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here We Go Again! And a Birthday Giveaway

WOW! I can't believe more than a week has gotten away from me again. It happens easily! All sorts of things happening here in the Brainard's Barracks.

First and very importantly, son #3 is getting married! On the 24th! Yes, 24th of April, this year! We just found out and all sorts of panic has set in. It will be a small affair. They have been living together for several years now. So WE think it's about time. I think DH has been pushing them a bit as her family believes they are already married. Thus, none of her clan will be there and the burden of cost is falling on us. Very bad timing as we were hit hard this year by the IRS.

I have been busy with classes. My Wednesday class (a series of six weeks) will end this week. However, my Thursday class will continue for another five weeks. At least now it will be only one day per week. My homework has been flagging.

Then there's Matty. See other post, this date.

Almost every evening I have been able to stitch for several hours. The Library is finished as far as I can go until I get more floss. I'm trying to catch up on the LHN's monthly ornaments now.

This week-end, the 17th & 18th, is our stitcher's GTG in Portland. I'm so excited to get away and spend time with these talented ladies. A visit to my nearest LNS, Acorns and Threads. Yippee! I'll pick up threads to finish The Library and do a floss toss for the Weihenburg Contest piece.

Can you believe this? I'm having the awfulest time deciding what to get with my $50 credit I won for 1-2-3 Stitch from Felicity. Like DH says, I can't even decide what to get in a restaurant. Everything looks too delicious!

BTW, Vicky's turning 40! Check out her very generous Birthday Giveaway

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