Friday, April 30, 2010


Well, I've definitely been 'Missing' (sheesh, time marches on even without me)! And I've definitely been 'In Action' (more about that in a bit)! No need to send the troops out searching for me though. I'm here and well and busier than a bee's butt!

The last I posted much was about Matty joining our pack. What a dear little dog he is. Sure wish we knew more about his history, it would be interesting! It appears he wasn't abused as he's a brave little soul and doesn't flinch from touch. However, his physical condition leads us to believe he wasn't very well taken care of. Yet, he wasn't terribly malnourished. Matt will go for some needed surgeries next Wednesday, the 5th. Two things about this: First, Deb (Matty's wonderful benefactor) with the help of many generous people, has raised enough money to cover all of the costs for Matty's healthcare. Bless all of you, you know who you are! Second, I must go out of town on the 5th and won't return until the 9th. I know DH is fully capable (within reason) What happens if it gets beyond reason? I'll be home on the 9th, nobody will perish before then. Right?

Whew! I've finally finished both classes I've been attending. Fortunately they only overlapped for two weeks and the homework hasn't been much.

The week-end of April 17 - 18 was our Washington/Oregon Stitching GetTogether. I love these! Always so much fun with like minded women from all over the NorthWest. Again, Tracy of Ink Circles and Carrie of Carrie's Creation attended. As usual, I spent way too much on Carrie's silks. I also picked up all the flosses needed for LHN's Sea To Shining Sea at my LNS, Acorns & Threads, in Portland. (local, as in nearly 4 hours away)

April 18th was DH's stepmom's 97th birthday. Happy Birthday Phyllis! I wasn't there as I was at the above mentioned stitching GTG.

On the 22nd we gathered with friends for a surprise birthday party for my dear friend Terry! HB girl, you're getting younger lookin' every day!

April 24th was the wedding date for our youngest son, Jim, and his bride, Teila. We were only given a ten day notice to get this shindig together (guess what I've been doing?). As the men in my life are of Native American decent we were offered one of the tribe's properties for the event. Our Chief performed the ceremony (his first wedding{other than to his beautiful wife}).

We had a lovely time and everything turned out beautifully. DH's stepmom, Phyllis, was able to attend (thank you Patrick). After the ceremony we all went to dinner at the casino. We were able to get the newlyweds a room for the night. Can you believe those kids spent some of their wedding money gambling? Crazy! They must live under a lucky star as Jim won a $500 chip in poker. Word is they're up $470! Without further ado, here's the lucky couple:

Back to April 23rd: We picked up the wedding cake early & headed to the coast. Our greatest concern was how to get Matty into the motorhome. We had been trying to work with him all week to no avail. We even tried to go back to working on getting into the car. He isn't able to do either. His back legs are just not strong enough. Soooo, we figured out a sling made from a towel and would hand him off to each other. Luckily Matt is able to climb down the coach steps pretty well (not so with the car). Matty's taken to riding in the motorhome like a champ. He was so good the entire trip. Fortunately, we were able to hook-up right at the property where the wedding took place so we were never far away. Unfortunately we were never able to take him out on the sand as he has an open wound on his foot. Someday soon Matty, I promise!

Now, on to the stitchy stuff! No, I won't chronicle all my new stash. That might lead you to think I might actually use some of my precious stash. I do have a couple of finishes to show you though. First is my LHN 'The Library'. Man, this one almost became a UFO! All that solid stitchingis soooo boring!

Next is the fifth in the LHN Ornament SAL series. I skipped the forth and am stitching it now. I just couldn't resist this lamb. I stitched him in Whisper Thread to make him look wooly. The photo is very dark (what's up with my flash?). The fabric is actually an 18ct Dirty stitched over one. Oh, and one last thing since you've come this far. Many of you know Paulette of Plum Street Samplers. Take a look at what she and her mom, Marsha, and her sister, Audrey, are cooking up on their new blog Four Seasons Cafe. Fantastic! I don't enjoy cooking very much but I do love to bake! Now wait just a second there.... I just lost all this weight! This might be a really bad idea for me.


  1. Wow Barb you have been a very busy girl. Congratulations to your son and his new wife. Loving your stitching finishes too.

  2. My yes you have been busy! So many things & people to take care of. Bless you for your tender loving kindness toward others of the furry kind! They are so helpless.

  3. Wow, you HAVE been busy! 10 days to plan a wedding... whew. Your stitching looks great!

  4. WHEW!!! I'm tired just reading all that you've done. congrats to the newly weds....and love your new xs finishes.

  5. You put a wedding together in just 10 days??!!! Oh my gosh! The newlyweds look wonderful, btw!

    And your stitching! You finished the library piece! I haven't even begun mine. Sigh...

  6. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  7. LOVE The Library finish...congratulations!! I like the idea of using Whisper threads for the ornie...I may have to copy that! The "happy couple" looks very happy!!


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