Monday, May 17, 2010

Holey Moley! Where Does The Time Go?

I cannot believe this is my first post of May! Where is my life disappearing to? Just yesterday it was April! Is it really true that the older you get, the faster your life goes? Must be! So, I'll attempt to catch you up on the goings on around here.

Our Matty had surgery on his foot May 5th. The tumor was removed and the vet says things look good for the old man. (Not DH, the dog, silly) We did not have any of the fatty bumps & tumors removed. The foot is still bandaged and he gets the stitches out on Wednesday. DH has been a champion about changing Matty's dressings. His teeth were cleaned at the same time so the vet could get a good exam. Matt is doing well. He's so fun to watch as he tries to keep up with the girls. I've never heard him bark but DH says he did the other day. This boy is a chow hound and knows where all the treats are kept. The girls have been teaching him bad manners too. We are so lucky to have such a dear dog in our lives and are very thankful to all of Matty's benefactors.

Also on the 5th I left home to attend my very first Stitching Retreat. It was put on by Vicki and Donna of the NorthWest Stitchers Group and held in Union, Washington. This is the view we had to put up with
The weather was perfect! We had a hot tub with the same view. Pretty harsh! Twenty one fabulous women! I made new friends and enjoyed old ones too. A lot of stitching, eating, laughing, great prizes, a bit of drinking (what's a sunny day on the deck without a good beer or wine?), a bit of stash swapping. These are the ladies, don't we look delighted? Yours truly is the second from the left.

This past week I've been cleaning up my desk, catching up on some stitching, attending a couple of meetings at Hospice, tidying up my sewing room and even a bit of yard work. All that routine stuff except for the stitching, that could never become routine.

My latest work is the contest sampler piece by Wiehenburg. It's turning out gorgeous! I'm using Silkweavers Tranquility 28ct and Sulky 12wt Thread Peacock Plume. Today I spent some time browsing my charts for some Bs and bees. I want to personalize it and since both my initals are Bs, what else? The photo will have to wait til the morning. Everything I tried tonight looks too washed out.


  1. Oh, how fun! A stitching weekend with such a gorgeous view! I'm glad Mattie is doing well. That's so good to hear!!

  2. Your retreat must have been a lot of fun at the place you show on your pictures.

  3. That part of Washington is so beautiful! It sounds like you all had a great time together. I'm hoping to be out your way sometime this summer so maybe we can meet and have lunch.

    sheril (outside of portland)


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