Monday, June 21, 2010

A Little Catching Up!

I'm a sucker for counted cross stitch. If you've been here before you will know this. It happens that our National Parks offer a cross stitch of each park in their gift shops. Crater Lake NP was no exception. I think this one is particularly lovely. Now, having these little kits and stitching them is a whole different story. I've not completed a one of them yet!!!
Here's my "almost completed" Weihenburg Contest Sampler. I'm so pleased with the way this is turning out. I love the colors! Can you see the bee and the hive I've put in to personalize it? I may rip the hive out as it looks a bit crowded. Maybe I can put it on the unfinished side. Hmmm!
Soooo, while I was out & about the other day I caught a sale at Michael's. I bought a few trims, a few beading do-dads, this lovely white frame and this unfinished box. I have just the piece for this frame!

Notice the two little yo-yos on the box? I happened upon a NEW quilt shop in town. I actually read about them in the paper & was heading their way. They just opened June 1 but his week-end was the "Grand Opening". Quilt Works (no web site yet). I'll be visiting them again soon! Of course a gal has to support the local economy and I wish them much success. Oh! The yo-yos, I made them during a demonstration. I have one of those yo-yo makers somewhere around here but have never tried it. Pretty neat!

Of course, when I get to town to run the usual errands I always stop by Joann's. They had patriotic fabrics on sale. Aren't these lovely? I needed some neutrals.

But then, I was wandering past the decorator fabrics and it struck me that I had recently disembled two throw pillows, saving the nice long zippers. I 'needed' to make new covers. Look at the lovelies I chose. Don't they go well with the sofa fabric?

So, today I was tidying up my sewing room and got inspired to frame a little piece I had stitched years ago. I think it was a Brooke's Books pattern. I like the white frame but maybe it should go in a darker frame. Wouldn't wash out the pretty pink fabric so much. I'll look at it a while longer.


  1. Your Weihenburg sampler is just gorgeous. I lopve the color of this.

    Nice buys at Michaels, Joann's and the new quilt store. I love those greens that you chose for the new pillows.

  2. I can tell there's a faint pink fabric in the white frame. The stitched piece looks great. Nice stashing! Looking forward to seeing the pillows done up.


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