Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Oh, how I miss my dad! I miss him every day. I was a daddy's girl.

My dad died in 1983, while away on a trip to Vancouver, B.C. Canada. He had gone there to pick up a family friend, to bring him to Seattle to celebrate Christmas with us. Christmas has never been the same since that awful year. We had to have his services the morning of Dec. 23 or wait until after the new year. Hardly any relatives were able to attend. Fortunately, dad was an honored member of The Seattle Men's Chorus. They did a lovely service and also dedicated their Christmas Concerts to Dad.

On a much brighter note... here's my dear husband. The love of my life. I may complain about him, he's not perfect. Who is? Certainly not me! But, I'm blessed to be his and he is mine. I'll keep him!
He is father to three boys, grandfather to one granddaughter and two grandsons. Thus far, all of them have shown themselves to be outstanding citizens, loving and kind. I am proud of them all!


  1. Your husband looks like a wonderful man, and your Dad looks like he was, too. It's something special to have had both a wonderful dad and husband. :)

  2. Wonderful post today, Barb. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family. :) Cathryn

  3. Nice photos of your Dad and DH.


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