Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Surprise!! Here I Am Again!

Shocking is more like it! Shocking that it's been almost three weeks since my last post. I've been one busy little bee.

I'm offically a Hospice volunteer now and have met my first client. She's a sweetie! Her only reason for living is her darling Corgi, Tucker. Fortunately she lives less than 2 miles away so I can check in often.

One of my dearest friends, Julie, from working days has been here for a visit. We've been playing tourist for days. Luckily the weather has been the best so far this year. A few photos to enlighten you (caution: this portion will be photo heavy):

Beautiful Crater Lake at Crater Lake National Park (Of course! Where else would it be?)

We had the most delicious lunch at The Lodge!

Julie's not terribly short - the snow is exceptionally deep!

My 'Edith Ann" imitation. Anyone remember that from Lily Tomlin? I couldn't get up into the rocking chair so this bench had to do.

A different direction this day... into the desert. Smith Rock State Park, there are actually people climbing on these rocks! Hoowee!

Lake Billy Chinook, one of Central Oregon's "mini grand canyons"

Central Oregon's Painted Hills My itty-bitty camera just couldn't do them justice.

Fort Rock in "The Oregon Outback". Shaped like a horseshoe, this monolith grows up out of the desert like a mini Ayers Rock, although it's not mini by any means.

We also visited the Fort Rock Museum. Very interesting AND for those stitchers and quilters who have stuck wtih me this long, a bit of a treat.


  1. Beautiful pictures, now I can add Oregon to the list of places I want to visit.

    It is hard to believe there can still be that much snow anywhere when it feels like 112 degrees here.

  2. Oh my. Beaautiful photos of a beautiful place.

  3. Wow Barb, GREAT pics. Loved the stitching ones (of course) hehehehe. :) Cathryn

  4. Oh my! Just beautiful pictures!

  5. Gorgeous photos!! Love your Edith Ann impersonation. LOL, I actually do remember it!


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