Friday, July 31, 2009

'Puter Problems and a Giveaway

I am having the worst problems with my desktop computer! Somehow I think we caught a bug! Anyhoo... we're heading to the coast in the morning so it will have to wait a while before the Geek Guys get a look at it. Meanwhile, I'll try to keep up on the laptop (providing the campground has Wi-Fi).

On a brighter note... while cruising the internet I found the most wonderful blog by Marie. She is such an enabler and is having a giveaway in honor of her birthday. Happy Birthday Marie! Now y'all go take a look in a hurry 'cuz time's running out.

On Tuesday I took another class in Silver Clay. These gals are soooo much fun! But I've decided that I don't think this is where my talents lie. I already have so much invested in my stitching and quilting that I think I don't need another hobby at this time.

Basically, this has been a pretty dull week (I love it this way). So, I must get back to loading the motorhome. I'm doing it after dark because it been just too darn hot to be out during the daylight.


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