Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Triple Entry Day!

I just had so many things happening lately that I needed to get caught up in this blog! Feast or famine! So don't stop reading at this entry, please! Three today and July has been a very eventful month.

Friday night I joined a group at a local shop, Desert Rock & Gem, for a silver clay class. Man what fun we had! Five women and jewelry! This is the piece I created. I plan to find a better cord or a silver chain to wear it on. My earrings were not so successful. Oh well, I have some silver to play with for our next class. We all decided to meet again and explore working with bronze.

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  1. Pretty cool blog yourself!

    It always gives me a thrill to see the heartstrings logo on the side of a blog - I had no idea when I made it, that I'd be seeing it all over the internet. :P

    I also took a peek at your SAL blogs, you do beautiful work!


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